I am not the guy who builds his/her identity upon presenting to public, so the talk show in Vrchlabí (09-X021) is probably one of the last chances to see me talking about hiking in the Carpathians.

Carpathian Games – the ultimate book about hiking in the Carpathians.

Video in Czech streamed as a part of CK Kudrna “Cestovatelské večery.”

Video in English streamed for the Czech Centre Bucarest, Cercetașii României and Asociatia Montana Carpati in March 2021.

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Sitting around a campfire with great people is the best medium. A unique meeting of 3 generations of the Carpathian thru-hikers took place in the Moravian karst (CZ) in June 2021: Michal Medek (2019), Viktorie Hlaváčková (2015, 2021) and Svetozár Krno (1984).

In March 2022 Jiří Chemlon Glonek organized meeting of all the Czech thru-hikers in Rychlebské hory.

Czech Carpathian thru-hilers

In 2023 we met in Novohradské hory at the place of one of the oldest Carpathian thru-hikers: Jiřina Lípová & Rosťa Gregor.